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Tooploox offers custom AI solutions and AI software development services that help innovative companies and startups design and build digital products with generative AI, mobile, and web technologies.

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Our team specializes in AI software development services. We design, build, test, and deliver bespoke AI solutions tailored to perfectly align with your vision and the dynamic demands of the market.
Alongside our AI expertise, we offer comprehensive custom software development capabilities. With our support, you will find customers, build income, and attract new investors.

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The quality of engineering is excellent. Also, our business changed over the years, and having a flexible partner was very helpful. Their knowledge about the business side of the startup ecosystem is a significant advantage, as well as their understanding that while building the product, changes may be coming. Having a team that understands change is very convenient.

Henry BradlowCo-Founder & CTO, Adaptive

It’s the maturity of their developers, their ability to self-organize, and their engagement. They strive to understand the product and know what we’re doing and why.

Adam WojciechowskiCOO & Co-Founder, Smart Devis AG

Active and open communication, critical and constructive thinking skills, flexibility in mind and approaches as well as motivation and eagerness were all combined within a small effective team. It was a great and exciting experience to work with Toploox Research.

Andreas SteingötterManaging Director, EXCITE Zurich

Tooploox’s work ethic was excellent. Also, they collaborated so well with us that it always felt like we were on the same team. Their feedback and suggestions were incredibly valuable.

Benjy KestCo-Founder & Co-CEO, Ripple Interactive, Inc.

We’re impressed with the architecture and tools that they used. The team is clearly evolving. They follow the industry’s best practices, using modern approaches rather than modifying a previous template. They’re really flexible.

Allen SchoberExecutive, Consumer Lighting Product Company

The Tooploox team was incredibly professional and had highly skilled operators in both the technical and product design arenas. They came to each workshop having done a remarkable amount of research and preparation.

Sagar VermaCTO & Co-Founder, Granular AI
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