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Hi Readers!

Are you interested in what changes in recruitment we’ve introduced in recent days? First things first – the recruitment is still on! And the process looks pretty much as it did a few months back – only now it’s 100% remote. 

Two weeks ago we moved to home offices with our teammates. 

Since we’d always had a very liberal approach towards working from home, honestly, not much has changed for us 🙂 From the hardware, software and organizational perspective, we were already 100% ready for the home office transition.

Naturally, with our employees’ health as highest priority, all traditionally offline meetings (including recruitment interviews) have been moved to the digital or mobile space.

So what does the current recruitment process look like? 

  1. You send us your CV via careers
  2. We contact you on your email box, and selected applicants are invited for a video call with the recruiter and one person from your future team. 
  3. After the successful interview it’s time for a task. We send you instructions via email. You have 5 days to complete it and send it back to be reviewed by our team. 
  4. We set up the date for the second video call – this time it’s a pair programming or discussion about your task. 

After successfully completing all the steps until this point, confirming that we’re both on the same page and want to work together – our recruiter calls you with the offer.

What happens next? 

If you accept the offer, our Onboarding Guide (real person not a booklet) takes you under his/her wings, making sure that you received all the insight into the company and project, as well as the necessary tools (e.g. computer, software, monitor, comfortable chair – yes, we know it’s a thing, especially while working from home). 

Simultaneously, we sign the contract with you, organize online trainings for you, and ship all the documents and hardware to your door steps (of course, the delivering company is our current onboarding support – Ask Henry which makes sure all is done according to current health protection standards, with no signature or physical contact required).  

To sum up:

  • Recruitment process – run 100% remotely
  • Onboarding – run 100% remotely 
  • Trainings and team meetings – run 100% remotely
  • Your first day at work – 100% remote, but with all of your new Tooploox e-friends! 

Download your remote e-meeting guide

Hope to e-meet you soon! 

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