50+ awesome prompts for ChatGPT every company should use

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Date: July 18, 2023 Author: Konrad Budek 9 min read

ChatGPT is undoubtedly the spark that has ignited a revolution. The service has smashed through previous records of tech adoption, acquiring 100 million users just two months after launch. People started to freely experiment with the tool to support personal and business goals, be that building a personalized training program or supporting their business. 

The tool is accessed via a chat-like interface, where the model responds to user questions and requests. The request made to AI with the intent to get a particular result is called a prompt. 

What is a ChatGPT prompt?

A ChatGPT prompt, or a prompt for any other generative AI-powered solution (like Midjourney or Dall-e), is the text a user enters into the system with the goal of getting an answer. “Prompt” itself is not a new or devised word – according to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means: 

  • To make something happen
  • To make someone do something

Prompts are also used when it comes to AI. Prompting has appeared to be an art in itself, in the same way, that web searches have come up with a semi-language of search queries as entered into a search engine. 

The possible application of AI and the often inspiring, sometimes mind-boggling effect of using AI has brought forth a new occupation that was never thought of before – the prompt engineer. 

What is a prompt engineer?

A prompt engineer is a new position describing an individual skilled in writing the best prompts for ChatGPT and similar generative AI-based tools which get the desired outcomes. Despite the overall “intelligence” of these tools, using them may be extremely frustrating for a person not used to interacting with these – in fact, mindless – machines. 

According to Euronews, the position of a prompt engineer comes with a high salary, reaching up to six figures yearly. 

It is possible that every company may need a prompt engineer sooner or later. On the other hand, guides like this one may support a company from the earliest hours of operation, netting both savings and optimization opportunities with (completely free!) ChatGPT prompts.

Awesome ChatGPT prompts for every startup owner.

To make this guide as useful and handy as possible, the Tooploox GenAI team has bundled these prompts into areas like sales, marketing, HR, and so on, which are seen in nearly every company. 

General suggestions

Regardless of the industry, context, or even purpose of the prompt, there are some general guidelines one needs to follow to get the best results. 

  • Deliver as much context as possible – ChatGPT is an empty box, and the user needs to deliver as much information as possible to get the best results.
  • Don’t be afraid to write a long prompt – while it may be tempting to write a sleek one-liner, the chat will respond with only as good a result as the prompt is precise and polished. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask and re-ask repeatedly – the machine is nothing more than a machine. If the results are unsatisfactory, just ask again – the process will be repeated, and the new results may be much better. 
  • Use role-play – this may sound a bit ridiculous, but it works. Ask ChatGPT to assume a specific role – for example, “a skilled marketing manager,” a “polite and patient sales executive,” or “a diligent editor.”
  • Be specific about the desired result – the system benefits from as direct instructions as possible. The prompt author needs to be specific if he or she expects to get a table, a list, plain text or code with comments – you name it. – YOU – name it. 
  • Add a negative prompt if necessary – enrich your prompt with information about results you don’t want to get. This can include keywords or ideas one wants to omit, for example, to deliver code for some machine learning solution without using a particular technology, despite its popularity. 
  • Don’t overtrust the machine – ChatGPT is only an AI tool – it does good work generating text from the gargantuan amounts of text the model has previously digested. Yet it lacks an accurate understanding of its output, and it can hallucinate – generate plausible-looking output that is just babble and nonsense. Yet it is a highly convincing babble that can be deeply confusing. 
  • Don’t share confidential or sensitive information – last but not least, ChatGPT is constantly improving itself using input from its users. That output can be later used to generate a response for another user – risking a data breach, as has been seen in Samsung

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing require a good deal of text to be written and delivered. Also, it requires conceptual and brainstorming work that may be tedious or even cause burnout – imagine delivering several unique, fresh, and catchy pieces of ad copy or inspiring pitches a day. That’s why business owners may consider using ChatGPT to release the full potential of all text-based marketing channels.

List of prompts:

  1. User profile: You are a seasoned marketer and growth hacker. Identify ideal user profiles for a given product [product description] [additional information]
  2. Profitability analysis: You are a diligent marketing analyst. Analyze [input data] to spot [desired outcome, for example, channels with the highest ROI]
  3. General analysis: You are a skilled, open-minded analyst. Analyze [input data] in search of [goal, for example, savings or opportunities].
  4. Brainstorm: You are an experienced growth hacker with a flexible and challenging mindset. List [number] tactics to reach [target group] with [product or service].
    1. Make sure that both the [target group] and [product service] are precisely and accurately described in the chat. 
  5. Another brainstorming prompt: You are a marketing advisor. List [number] ways to promote [my product or service] in [channel].
  6. AIDA: You are a marketing expert. Generate AIDA with a detailed analysis of each step for [product or service].
  7. SWOT: You are a business consultant and marketer. Provide SWOT analysis for [product, service, or feature].
  8. Project kickoff: You are a marketing advisor and expert in [channel]. How should [my company] start promoting [product] in [channel]?
  9. Market research: You are a marketing expert. Please list the key marketing segments in [industry] and name the biggest opportunity for [our product or service].
  10. Buyer persona: You are a marketing expert. Provide a buyer persona for your product or service based on [information]. 

Best ChatGPT prompts for writing 

Writing is a whole other story when it comes to using ChatGPT. The model was basically designed to work with natural language, and writing is its natural use case. Ask the chat to generate an email or blog post or to support the ideation process. 

List of prompts:

  1. Topic research: You are an experienced content strategist and writer. Generate [number] of topic ideas for blog posts about [topic]. Include [additional context and info].
  2. Video script: You are a social media viral marketer with filmmaking experience. Write a [time] long script for a viral video. 
  3. Google Ads Headlines: You are a seasoned and creative copywriting professional. Write [number] Google Ad headlines from [URL]
    1. Alternatively, one can provide the Chat with the necessary information instead of including a URL.
  4. Email headlines: You are a seasoned email marketing specialist. Write [number] convincing headlines that will convince [target audience] to [action].
  5. The blog post outlines: You are a content writer with journalism, PR, and copywriting skills. Create an outline for a blog post about [topic]. Take [information] into consideration.
  6. Tweets: You are a content marketer with social media experience. Write [number] tweets to generate interest in [product, company, or service].
  7. Press release: You are a PR manager with journalism experience. Write a press release about [topic]. Include: [date and time], [location], [purpose]. For reference, you can check [agenda].


Human resources are all about interpersonal relations and gnawing through endless piles of text, be it resumes, cover letters, emails or messages. It also includes the heavy manual work of sourcing and screening candidates. While running human resources without humans is impossible (and any attempt may turn the dream of optimization into a nightmare of misunderstandings), ChatGPT or similar large language models can deliver tremendous time and cost-saving results. 

List of prompts:

  1. Job description: You are an HR professional with a good deal of marketing experience. Please write a catchy and appealing job description for [position], including [list of duties], and [salary range]. Take into account [any necessary background information].
  2. List of questions: You are an HR consultant. I am looking for [perfect candidate persona]. Write [number] questions to ask the candidate to verify if the candidate fits the criteria and company culture. 
  3. Interview scenario: You are an HR professional with a Ph.D. in psychology. I need to hire [position], and I have candidates that [candidate, background, skills]. Please provide me with [number] scenarios of interviews to get the best results. 
  4. Role to fill: You are an experienced HR specialist. Please prepare a survey for internal use to gather the expectations in the company regarding [new role to fill].
  5. Rejection: You are an empathic HR professional. Please write [number] of emails that inform candidates about being rejected in the hiring process. Include information [reasons of rejection], [post-interview feedback]. The email must be written in a way that will keep the candidate happy. 
  6. Perfect candidate profile: You are a Human Resources veteran with a consulting background and a psychology degree. Please prepare a perfect candidate profile for [role to fill] using [all necessary information]. Please consider [important facts, like geographical location]. 
  7. Employee survey: You are an HR professional with Ph.D. in psychology. Please deliver a list of questions for an employee survey that will include [goal]. 
  8. LinkedIn outreach: You are an HR professional with marketing experience. Please write [number] sample outreach messages for [position].
  9. Keyword research: You are a researcher and analyst. Please give me a list of keywords to use in a search for a perfect candidate for [role]. 
  10. Internal communication: You are an experienced writer. Please write [number] internal announcements about [topic]. Please include [necessary information].

Productivity and time management

ChatGPT can also provide great support for personnel and team productivity. The model can be used to break down projects into smaller tasks or to support one’s personal goals. But not only this – ChatGPT can bring surprising benefits to entire teams if used properly. 

List of prompts:

  1. Day plan: Here you have my list of tasks [list of tasks]. I also have meetings at [hours] estimated to be [length]. Please prepare a plan that will include a 30-minute lunch break. Note that I will work only for 8 hours. (Please note that the concept of time needs to be delivered in a digestible format for the chatGPT).
  2. Project breakdown: I have [project] to manage. Please break it down into smaller tasks.
  3. Plan preparation: I would like to [reach a goal]. Please provide me with a plan to do so. Please take into account [any other background information].
  4. Email writing: You are a team leader. Draft an email to [recipient’s name] about [information, topic, or request].
  5. Summaries: Summarize this article or document in less professional language [insert link].
  6. Book research: Suggest five books or articles on [provide the topic].

Business, finance, analysis, and accounting 

ChatGPT can provide excellent support for business teams in a company, especially when the company has a limited headcount with a need for agility and power. And that’s true for every startup owner who needs to make their company scalable. ChatGPT may provide great support for kickstarting operations or streamlining them. Also, it has the potential to be an obstacle-breaker for the team. 

List of prompts:

  1. Business plan: You are a business advisor experienced in the [industry] field. I want you to create a business plan for an {industry] startup providing [offer, product, features].
  2. Investor research: You are an experienced startup advisor: I want you to make a list of venture capitalists that invested in companies like mine [company description] together with contact information. If you don’t have this information, please write that explicitly.
  3. Sustainability: You are an experienced sustainability consultant. Please suggest [number] ideas for improving sustainability in my company [company description].
  4. Brainstorm: You are a business advisor and experienced entrepreneur. Please identify exciting opportunities in [industry] that can be leveraged by [company]. Please note [additional information]. 
  5. SWOT analysis: You are a business advisor. Please create a SWOT analysis for my [industry], [business]. 
  6. Sales strategy: You are an experienced sales consultant and specialist. Please prepare a sales strategy for my [product].
  7. Customer retention: You are a sales consultant. Please share some customer retention strategies for my business. Please note that [business] operates in [industry], [additional information]. 
  8. Savings and optimizations: You are an experienced business analyst. Please analyze [data] and deliver potential savings and opportunities. 
  9. Cost-cutting: You are an expert in [field]. Please share some quick cost optimization strategies for my business.

Product development 

Despite the fact that ChatGPT is incapable of being creative, it is a great tool for support when thinking about product design and development. The model probably stores nearly all the knowledge of humanity within its neural network. Thus, it can come up with not-so-obvious or counterintuitive strategies. Or at least serve as an intellectual sparring partner. 

List of prompts:

  1. Monetization strategy: You are a business advisor experienced in [field]. Identify the best monetization strategies/pricing plan for [product]. [product information].
  2. Product idea: You are a product development expert in [industry]. Please list [number] of product ideas that will fit [target group]. Be as specific as possible.
  3. Market research: Please identify the key market segments in the [provided] industry and advise on which represents the most significant market opportunity for [product description]. 
  4. Market clarity assessment: You are an experienced product owner. Please identify the most repetitive and redundant features in the products available on the market similar to [your product description] and suggest unique solutions. 
  5. Competitor analysis: You are the CEO of [company name and product description]. Please indicate your top 3 competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. 
  6. Development roadmap and timeline creation: You are an experienced product manager; outline the critical phases of development and implementation of [product description] that include research, prototyping, design, development, testing, and launch. 
  7. User profile generation: 1. Based on [provided information], identify the key characteristic of an ideal user for this product. 2. What are their fears, core beliefs, and values regarding using this product? 
  8. Product naming: Generate [number] name ideas for this new product on the market [provide product information].
  9. Product performance tracking and analysis: Identify the key performance metrics for this product [provide product information] based on industry benchmarks and aligned with [business goals]. 


ChatGPT is a powerful tool that has shown unprecedented versatility and adaptability. When released to the public, it quickly generated numerous ideas for application, and people have demonstrated breathtaking creativity when using it and devising even more awesome ChatGPT prompts. 

ChatGPT and LLM-based technologies are currently transforming the world. It would be foolish not to follow this trend, and startup founders cannot afford to be foolish. 

If you wish to talk more about how ChatGPT and Generative AI services may influence and boost your business, don’t hesitate to contact us now!