6 Top Tips for Creating a Successful Employer Branding Video

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Employer Branding Movie by Nezkafe

Everyone knows that video content rules Social Media. Instagram, Twitter, Messenger… all platforms adopted this at some point.  For the past couple of years, we can observe how Facebook algorithm favors videos. Video content sells. Therefore, companies have been using videos to advertise themselves as desirable employers in order to attract the best candidates.

Shooting a video of your colleagues and your office seems easy enough. Just put together a couple of scenes of people having lunch, playing foosball and doing random office stuff at their desks. Easy, right?


Last year we decided to create our own Employer Branding video. The process turned out to be quite arduous but the results rewarding and educational.

Here are our top 6 takeaways:

1.What’s your goal?

First of all, decide what you want to achieve. Showing all aspects of your company in a single, short video is impossible so establishing strategy is crucial. You can focus on either benefits, self-development opportunities or work projects. We’d decided to put an emphasis on relationships between us because we believe the atmosphere at Tooploox is what makes us unique.

2.It’s all about emotions.

Secondly, think about a tone of your video and emotions you’d like to evoke. Should the video be serious and formal, comedic or quirky? How do you want your audience to feel after watching your video? Do you want them intrigued, awed, envious, amused or shocked? Don’t try too hard to be funny, though! It almost never works.

3.Keep it real.

Be true to yourself sounds like a total cliche; however, this is a must! If you work at a bank, you musn’t portray your company as a crazy party place. Likewise, if you’re a software house, don’t film your employees wearing suits at work. With this in mind, even if you are a software house, don’t feel tempted to present yourself partying as a wild crowd – it’s not what you actually do, is it?

4.Get your employees involved.

Make sure employees are part of creative process. They are the bloodstream of your company and they know it inside out. Also, they are a precious source of awesome ideas. Although we hired IKONA to create a video, the ideas and suggestions were being discussed among the entire team throughout the process. We started by gathering ideas and inspirations from employees, which were later transformed into 3 script proposals by IKONA. Then, we all voted which idea we thought was the best.

5.Get help.

Almost anyone can shoot a video with their phone or a fancy camera, or at least they think they can. Shooting a video is not making a film. Don’t confuse a simple task with a complex process of filmmaking. If you don’t have experience in screenwriting, editing and other technical specifics like sound, lighting or makeup, it’s best to rely on knowledge of professionals.

6.Get a cat!

The Internet loves cats. Videos with them tend to reach the highest popularity. We were fortunate to have this heartwarming story about Leon the cat, so the idea of making him our protagonist came naturally. A couple of years ago Leon was rescued by our employees from a nearby construction site. If you are interested in his story, watch the video:

No cat at hand? Look for other unique stories that you can build on! Good luck (and have fun) with your Employer Branding videos!

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