A recap of 2020 in Tooploox’s 5 blog articles

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A recap of 2020 in Tooploox’s 5 blog articles

The year 2020 will be remembered for a long time. The number of events combined with the major shift of everyday reality as we know it makes it difficult to grasp in just one 2020 recap. The pandemic that has affected 220 countries globally, so far, and the isolation that it has forced all over the world remains, and will likely continue, resulting in a great transformation across industries, markets, and people’s lives. 

There are many publications appearing day by day trying to answer a lot of questions about the outbreak of COVID-19’s possible impact on the world as we know it. We had our share of it too. 

Our comprehensive report on How Covid Changed VC and Startup Reality is rather the newest one, but during this year we’ve published many articles covering many issues on how to navigate this ‘new reality’ we’ve found ourselves in, as well as trying to predict what it may mean for the future. 

First of all – the trends 

At the beginning of this year, we published the AI Trend Report 2020 in an attempt to answer puzzling questions about AI.  Is AI really the future? And if so, how can companies embrace the full potential of data-fuelled technologies based on the seeming omnipotence of deep learning? To check if our predictions were accurate, read:

2020 AI Trend Report: AI Called To The Stand – A Commentary By Our Experts

As a follow-up, later in 2020, we tried to identify the disruptive changes that AI technology has brought and is still bringing to the world, even in a time of social and economic tensions caused by the pandemics. 

Stating that research on AI has not stopped and, on the contrary, seems to have accelerated (the AI market is predicted to reach $4,127.2 million by 2021 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 33.8%), we wrote on the directions in AI that empower us to see the future:

7 Disruptive AI Trends In 2021 To Keep An Eye On

7 disruptive AI Trends in 2021

In the new COVID-19 realities, that which was once perceived as a very conventional area based on human and face-to-face interactions has morphed into a digital experience – and a life-saving one at that. 

The role that our mobile experience plays in this phenomenon has made us take a closer look at the healthcare app industry, especially in the context of the rise of health-supporting technologies during the pandemic. We focused on those trends in technologies and innovations that can be utilized within the mHealth industry today:

Healthcare Mobile Apps Development – Top Trends To Watch

healthcare apps development trends

The culture of remote

The number of people working remotely has nearly quadrupled in the last decade. The necessity of the lockdown forced on us by the COVID-19 pandemic has just accelerated this obvious tendency. 

But still, many companies still fear switching into the fully remote paradigm. The biggest stopper seems to be in managing remote teams and ensuring a stable workflow of diffused workers. If you are still concerned about the reality of remote work, we’ve already answered a few possible questions you may have: 

How To Manage A Remote Team?

how to manage a remote team

The key goal of intercultural communication is to facilitate and ease the communication process between different people from different cultures, as well as between people from various backgrounds. 

Managing remote teams and cooperating with offshore workers may have its challenges, especially in the business communication context. In the new, normal reality of diffused teams and distant business relations, one can not overestimate the importance of intercultural communications skills within organizations: 

Why Is Intercultural Communication Important To Tooploox

intercultural communication tooploox

And many more

Of course, the turmoil around COVID-19’s spread hasn’t dominated the blog section of 2020 entirely. From time to time it was even necessary to wrap our minds around something less dramatic. Diving into a detailed comparison of Keras vs TensorFlow and writing about great tools that make data scientists’ lives easier seemed like a good idea. 

And also in favor of going back to our familiar basics, we explained what is UI and the UX design process, and for those who watch the mobile app market’s tremendous growth year by year very closely, we’ve prepared a useful guide on app development cost

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