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We support the growth of startups and innovators by applying the best fitted technologies and sharing our expertise. We strive to improve people’s lives through cutting-edge products and solutions.

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Tooploox is a technology company dedicated to helping others reach their full potential through innovative product development, consulting, and R&D.

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How we work

We believe that teams and employees are able to manage themselves. That’s why we’ve decided to work in a flat, informal structure, at the core of which lay the values we care most: collaboration, trust and flexibility. Being a part of a self-organizing, autonomous team gives every single person at Tooploox the possibility to grow and fully develop their potential. Thanks to that we are able to provide the best quality of our work and create a great team to work with.

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How it all started

It began as a dream of three friends to create a workplace where they would always want to work – with meaningful and interesting projects, technical challenges to solve and one where people are the main focus. 

Year by year the Tooploox family grew in employees, structure, offices and clients. For ten years we’ve bravely faced new challenges, expanded the horizons of technology, developed more than 100 digital products and supported companies and startups. 

But it’s not the end of our journey, we look out for the next chapters of this story, and we hope we will write it down with you.

Great partnership makes great results

At Tooploox we believe no one is a lonely island. Collaboration, support for one another and the willingness to share knowledge are values we consider to be essential for growth. That’s why, in 2019, we joined forces with Microscope IT – a dev shop providing AI and R&D services for Life Science, Healthcare and Medtech. This partnership made our AI skills even more competitive and gave us, as a company but also as AI experts, the possibility to develop and go to the next level of expertise. 

We are proud that we can work together and we believe this merge not only makes us stronger but also helps us to fulfill our mission to improve lives through cutting-edge products and solutions.

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