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Despite the buzz in media, cryptocurrency usage is not widespread. According to Insider Intelligence, the usage of cryptocurrencies is expected to reach 33.7 million US-based users by the end of 2022, accounting for 12.8% of the population. The Economist-issued report points out that ignorance is currently the greatest barrier to adopting cryptocurrencies on a larger scale.

That nescience is precisely the challenge that Cryptohunt aims to tackle.

The Client

Cryptohunt is a US-based startup that aims to deliver knowledge about the crypto, Decentralized finance (DEFI) and web3 ecosystem and provide users with online courses, quizzes, and tests to make the learning process as fun as possible. 

The key challenge was in building a learning process users actually wanted and needed. This resulted in multiple pivots and redesigns of the app.

The Challenge

“We were initially building a Yelp for cryptocurrencies’ We wanted each crypto project itexplained in an approachable way, with user discussions in the comments. Basically, we aimed to form a community around cryptocurrencies. But we tested the idea and our users were not excited about our approach. People need basics, and a detailed guide to crypto investing that will enable them to enter the market.”

Cryptohunt was looking for a bespoke software development company that would support them in the process of building a product that fits the needs of the market in an agile way. This included fast runs of MVP development, evaluating the product with prospective customers, and juggling priorities to deliver the best-fitting version as soon as possible.

“In an early stage company with little to no market fit, everything is an idea. An idea is basically all we have and we are forging our way to market. Our primary objective is to learn. A part of the learning process is to deliver a product that does not fit the market and scrap it later. If we know we will scrap four out of five MVPs we need to have them as fast and cheap as possible. That’s the early-stage startup DNA that many development companies have no idea about.”

Delivering a reliable MVP in a way that fits the needs of the crypto-oriented startup, as well as doing it while keeping a high standard of technical excellence, was the key challenge Cryptohunt faced at that time. That’s why Tooploox was chosen as a tech partner responsible for the development.

Our work

The Tooploox team supported Cryptohunt’s founders ​​in their product development and delivered the code for the MVP.

“What we most appreciate about cooperation with Tooploox is their deep understanding of the startup mindset. The product has changed every two weeks, sometimes fundamentally. For a company unfamiliar with this approach, it would be a deeply frustrating experience. The Tooploox team was fully supportive and came up with ideas about further improving the product as we went.”

ARNDT VOGES – Co-Founder at

The team consisted of frontend and backend developers who were assigned as core members of the Cryptohunt team. Due to the startup-style of the work, the team was reusing the existing code to make it as functional and versatile as possible.

NextJS and Static Site Generation

The service was delivered using NextJS technology. At its core, the Cryptohunt service is composed of multiple subpages delivering various types of content, be it a training video, a slideshow, or a quiz. To optimize the experience, the implemented solution pre-builds the subsites for every user before they decide to open them. By doing so, the loading time is significantly reduced.

The team also optimized the site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

The effect

“With the skills of the Tooploox team, their proactivity and autonomy, we were amazed at how it was possible to deliver a bug-free release every sprint. The quality of our cooperation was outstanding.”

ARNDT VOGES – Co-Founder at

Cryptohunt’s service was delivered online in the first half of June 2022. Since then, the Tooploox team continues to support the company in adding new features and optimizing the experience of the existing platform.


When it comes to their final thoughts on our cooperation, Cryptohunt highlights the startup mentality along with other advantages of working with Tooploox on the project.

“From my point of view, Tooploox delivered a perfectly fitted and talented group of developers to work with. This saved us months of work and effort as well as tons of money on building a fully internal team of such high competence.”

ARNDT VOGES – Co-Founder at

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