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Spire Health is the market leader in continuous respiration sensing and high-adherence, patient-friendly ambulatory monitoring. Tooploox partnered with Spire 5 years ago and since then we’ve been working on improving people’s lives – together.

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I’ve been doing this forever, so it’s not easy to get me to say something’s working really, really right. To get contractor people saying, “We want to be engaged, we want to be part of the team.” It’s really… It makes my job easy, which is great.

Mike HedmanDirector of Software Engineering at Spire Health

One of the things that’s been really important to me is how the developers on the mobile side, backend side, on the web side, how invested they are with the mission of Spire. I’ve worked with contractors before, I’ve worked with contract houses before, but it’s very different here.

Mike HedmanDirector of Software Engineering at Spire Health

The whole idea behind the solution is very in line with Tooploox’s mission: which is basically creating things that are good for people.

Paweł DettlaffBackend Engineer at Tooploox

Watch our journey

This video, featuring Mike Hedman, director of software engineering at Spire Health, created during his visit to Tooploox headquarters in Wroclaw, captures the essence of Tooploox’s mission: Improving people’s lives through cutting-edge products and solutions.

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Our work

Initially a lifestyle device aimed at the consumer market, Spire decided to pivot toward a professional healthcare market and the Tooploox team was there to support this process at every stage.

Our team had to work on various aspects of the product side-by-side with Spire designers as they worked to rebuild the core product. Now, the company manufactures a device that monitors patients’ breathing and pulse and provides their clinical team with a convenient dashboard to ensure the best at-home treatment. With that in mind, we thoroughly redesigned the app to meet the needs of the new target group, we re-engineered the existing workflows and procedures in the backend to meet the strict requirements and certifications of the healthcare market and we implemented automated procedures to ensure undisrupted monitoring by the device.

The product is still under development, so our team continues to support Spire in making further improvements and adding features to the device.

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