Insights into our cooperation with top-rated wBrew brewery

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Cooperation with wBrew in a nutshell

What connects our Libellum app with a top-ranked craft brewery from Wrocław? Well, as you will see, an innovative cooperation 🙂

Working with wBrew gave us an ideal platform for testing our Libellum app, which in turn provided a priceless experience for our team. So how did the partnership work? And what challenges did we have to grapple with during the project? Read on to find out!

Libellum – from an experiment to a major project

At Tooploox we’re eager to deliver inspiring tech-solutions and develop our skills. We organize brainstorming sessions and create Tooploox Labs projects that showcase our expertise. One of the projects born of those sessions was the blockchain technology-based app, Libellum.

Its main aim was to deliver a unique solution to track and authenticate specific items. Although it started merely as an experiment, we truly got involved in the whole project and created a complex tech-solution as a result. Libellum is a modular platform based on Ethereum blockchain that makes it possible to secure assets in a decentralized manner. Interested in more details? Here’s a step-by-step guide explaining how it works (in this case the example is an art gallery):

  1. Libellum’s partner logs in to their manufacturer’s account.
  2. The partner adds a serial number and provides additional details (e.g. a product description and a photo).
  3. Customers find the manufactur on the list.
  4. By entering or scanning a serial number, customers can learn more about the product and make sure it’s original or not.

What’s more, Libellum can play a significant role when it comes to consumer goods as well. We put this theory to test in our cooperation with the wBrew brewery, which turned out to be a great way to put our app through its paces!

How the cooperation worked

We decided to start cooperating with wBrew, a well-known brewery from Wrocław, a few weeks ago. So how did the project’s participants find it useful?

The goal was to collect data about wBrew’s beer and effectively store it in the app. There was a QR code leading directly to the Libellum app, which displayed more detailed information about the beer (e.g. its taste, ingredients, etc.). Libellum’s role was to deliver that info quickly, effectively and on demand – with just one click.

The project went live just before the Gastro Miasto event – a popular culinary gathering in Wrocław where crowds of people relax, listen to live music and sample some vibrant cuisine. Knowing full well the potential of this event, wBrew delivered their beers and 2 of them were connected with our Libellum app: Apanaceum and Mangotidotum. What could be better than seeing our newborn experiment come to light during a popular event? The idyll couldn’t last forever, and one mistake made us a little bit nervous.

Challenges and lessons learned

It was the first time we started this kind of cooperation, so our way to get everything done wasn’t easy. But the worst thing was just around the corner. We delivered all useful items to the Gastro Miasto event, everything seemed to look good, but suddenly during Saturday’s party, it turned out that Libellum came across some problems and didn’t work as a result. We had to investigate the problem and fix it as quickly as possible.

That meant we had to go through the whole process of our cooperation plan to figure out what went wrong and how we can avoid such situations in the future. It turned out we didn’t share the responsibility properly and communicated successfully. Lack of effective communication was the main reason why some things failed during the cooperation.

Fortunately, when we got the information about Libellum malfunctioning, we got together with other team members immediately and solved the problem during the weekend. To make sure we have a defined action plan next time, we organized a retro session at work to improve cooperation between the teams. Next time we’re going to create a useful checklist, plan all the activities earlier and watch over the project at every stage. All in all, we found the whole cooperation really fruitful, we learned more about communication between our teams and now it’s time for new challenges.