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Bring the power of the cutting edge technologies of machine learning to your business and boost your sales, reduce costs, automate workflows and increase profitability in ways once unimaginable.

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Transform your business using Artificial Intelligence services.

Automating the workflows, harvesting insights in unstructured data and delivering customer excellence by providing one-to-one experience is only a glimpse on how machine learning can reimagine your business.

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Why you should choose us?

Expert team

Tooploox consists of seasoned experts including machine learning engineers, AI DevOps, data scientists and PhDs, among others, supported by project managers who ensure the seamless delivery of your product.

Unique experience

With nearly 90% of client companies being US startups, Tooploox bears unique experience that makes us not only exceptional AI developers, but also business counselors.

End-to-end solutions

The Tooploox team consists of seasoned experts in multiple fields, including software development, business consultation, project management, UX/UI, product discovery, and more. You can entrust us with your product from idea to market domination.


Once work has started on the project, our team takes ownership of it and delivers the best solution possible. We advise on improving the product, maximizing its outcome and making it shine among the competition to attract new investors.
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What our clients say about us

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We’re impressed with the architecture and tools that they used. The team is clearly evolving. They follow the industry’s best practices, using modern approaches rather than modifying a previous template. They’re really flexible.

Allen SchoberExecutive, Consumer Lighting Product Company

It’s the maturity of their developers, their ability to self-organize, and their engagement. They strive to understand the product and know what we’re doing and why.

Adam WojciechowskiCOO & Co-Founder, Smart Devis AG

Active and open communication, critical and constructive thinking skills, flexibility in mind and approaches as well as motivation and eagerness were all combined within a small effective team. It was a great and exciting experience to work with Toploox Research.

Andreas SteingötterManaging Director, EXCITE Zurich

Tooploox’s work ethic was excellent. Also, they collaborated so well with us that it always felt like we were on the same team. Their feedback and suggestions were incredibly valuable.

Benjy KestCo-Founder & Co-CEO, Ripple Interactive, Inc.

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Computer Vision

Computer vision services focus on processing image-based data. Machines can classify and cluster objects depicted in the image as well as analyze video data in real time to spot suspicious elements or behavior. 

Tooploox excels in computer vision solutions, delivering them to innovative automotive startups as well as building the image processing healthcare product, Virtum. 

Our research and development team supports not only Tooploox clients and partners, but also pushes the boundaries of human knowledge by delivering research recognized and renowned in world-class conferences including NIPS and ICML, among others.

3D Vision

Machine learning (ML) algorithms can not only analyze 2D images, but also three dimensional scenes. There are multiple use cases for 3D vision, including analyzing LIDAR readings, depth estimation, point cloud analysis and 3D modeling, among others.

3D vision processing requires a significantly varied set of skills and algorithms compared to more common 2D computer vision. This technology can be used in 3D scanning, 3D printing and Augmented Reality (AR) applications to enrich healthcare, manufacturing or automotive production workflows.

Tooploox engineers, data scientists and researchers are highly proficient with 3D data, especially point clouds coming from LIDAR devices, giving us a unique perspective on these challenges.

Sensor Fusion

With 8 PhDs and seasoned experts on board, Tooploox teams excel in tackling problems once deemed unsolvable. Our teams experiment and try new approaches when facing challenges to deliver the best possible solutions. Our data scientists are skilled in multiple technologies, including image recognition, natural language processing, computer vision and reinforcement learning. 

Data science services are best suited for companies that have and process a lot of data and feel that this asset could be used in a better way – either to boost performance, reduce costs, increase sales, or optimize workflows. The Tooploox data science team is here to deliver the answer and come up with an Artificial Intelligence solution that solves this issue once and for all.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is a cutting-edge technology that enables machines to use algorithms to process data in a more human-like manner. The technology itself is an umbrella term that encompasses multiple sub-technologies including deep learning, computer vision and reinforcement learning, among others. 

With Machine Learning machines can gain human-like cognitive abilities that enable them to process images and natural languages. By that, the technology can provide significant cost reductions, income increases, optimize processes and deliver automation throughout the whole company.

Natural Language Processing

Finally dig through endless piles of emails, conversations and text documents that circulate through the company in an automated and convenient way. Natural Language Processing technology enables computers to analyze text-based, unstructured data with ease. Analyze sentiment, spot dangerous messages, harvest insights and build chatbots to automate your business processes in a way unseen before.

Natural Language Processing is especially useful for companies that work with text-based data and deliver products that benefit from using this type of data.  

Data Insight

Machine Learning is not only about running an algorithm with labeled data to teach it to recognize images or process natural language. The technology also enables us to chew through massive volumes of data and harvest insights in an automated way. 

As a result, the data scientist receives data clustered and organized by the algorithm. The data is processed by the machine, so there are little to no hidden biases and presuppositions during the analysis. The effect is further examined by a data scientist to ensure that the insight harvested by the machine delivers value and provides new and actionable information for the company.    

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics enables the user to extrapolate previously encountered events to future cases with a goal to reduce the cost of maintenance (predictive maintenance), reduce overstocking (demand forecasting), or provide any information possible about the future that can be harvested from owned data. 

The AI algorithms dig through the owned data (be it from IoT sensors, time series data or anything else) and look for correlations between events to predict and changes in the readings. This can deliver massive cost reductions by spotting the sign of a potential failure long before it becomes a problem, allowing us to prevent it from happening.

Data Capture and OCR

A massive share of information is stored in the form of paper or scanned documents. OCR and data capture solutions enable machines to transform paper or semi-paper forms into actionable and usable data that can be further processed by automated means. 

OCR solutions combine multiple technologies, including computer vision and natural language processing, to find what’s most significant in the image and read it in the most effective way possible. The solution also needs to deal with some unexpected challenges, like fractured or dirty paper, illegible characters or uncommon typography used in a document.

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