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We evaluate the innovative ideas of startups and market leaders to ensure their market fit, mitigating early risks and reducing costs in developing the final product.

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Why do you need idea evaluation?

We know you are excited about your vision. We want to make it a reality and see you dominate the market and amaze your investors.
Our services aim to get the best out of your vision and provide the market and customers with the best version of your idea.

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The expertise the company was able to provide was outstanding. The skillset of engineers on the project matched perfectly with our requirements.

We wouldn’t have been able to launch the apps as fast by working with someone else. Tooploox proved to be a hands-on agency, and handled a lot of the product work on our behalf, doing what was needed in order to launch the apps. They did a great job, even though the scope proved much bigger than initially thought.

Krzysztof WierzbickiPresident,

They have a lot of resources that other development teams don’t seem to have. Also, if we need the opinion of someone who specializes in certain technologies, they usually have that expertise in-house.

Josh HaimsonCo-Founder, VoiceDrop

We always strive to get better, and Tooploox is essential to our continuous improvement. Tooploox is extremely transparent and upfront about what they can and can’t achieve.

Jeffrey YangChief Technology Advisor, Healthcare Company

The Tooploox team was incredibly professional and had highly skilled operators in both the technical and product design arenas. They came to each workshop having done a remarkable amount of research and preparation.

Sagar VermaCTO & Co-Founder, Granular AI

Explore our idea generation and evaluation services

From extensive workshops to domain expert feedback sessions, we provide you with all the tools you need to be sure that your idea outshines the rest and will amaze investors and customers alike.

Check out each stage of our Idea Evaluation process

Select your ideas

Brainstorm your way to success

Choose ranking criteria

Spot the gems among your ideas

Rate the criteria

Decide what matters most and follow it

Idea scoring

Unleash the evaluation machine

Score calculation and comparison

Now, pursue your dreams and dominate the market

Design thinking

Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative, and repetitive process forged to enable teams to test ideas, map and discover assumptions and validate what version of the product is most desired by their clients or customers. 

The process enables teams to gather knowledge and, by that, is the most suited to solving problems that are either unknown or unclear. Using this approach enables teams to deliver more human-centric and user-focused solutions which approach solution-delivery in a problem-solving manner.

Decision trees

Decision trees are a way to explore the possible if-then outcomes as a thought experiment and brainstorming session. The session is based on asking the right questions, visualizing scenarios, and then, visioning the possible outcomes. This can create complicated and branching roadmaps with multiple scenarios to prepare for. 

Decision trees are one of the easiest and most flexible ways to validate an idea without the need to leave the office.

Assumption mapping

Assumption mapping aims to uncover an image of the client, investor, and the market hidden within the mind of the owners. While assumptions are necessary, keeping them hidden can be harmful to the project, bringing the managers and owners to a blurred and unreal view of reality. Assumptions can be made regarding everything, yet it is most popular to map assumptions related to the product’s usability, clients’ preferences, and the market situation. 

With our assumptions mapped, it is easier to confront them with reality and use updated models to make more informed decisions. 

Test and learn cards

The test and learn process is a basic way to structure the process of hypothesis testing and gathering outcomes. Without the imposed structure delivered by this process, capturing the outcomes of an experiment can be troublesome. 

At the core of the process are cards with sample questions to be answered regarding the test to perform as well as the knowledge to be gathered. Using the cards ensures that the requirements for reliable tests are met and the results will provide actionable knowledge regarding the tested subject. When done properly, the test and learn cards approach can deliver data of immense value for the idea evaluation process.

Iterative idea evaluation process

The idea evaluation process is far from being a one-shot and the outcome is not once–and-for-all-time. The idea evolves during the evaluation process and new forms emerge. The ability to pivot effectively is one of the key aspects of running a startup. 

The iterative approach saves money, time, and effort in designing and delivering the product in a form that will address the clients’ needs and amaze investors. Also, every drawback discovered early can be easily improved upon during sprints and iterations.

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