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Why use Tooploox Mobile App Development Services?

We have worked with diverse brands worldwide, creating powerful mobile apps from excellent ideas.

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We are very impressed with their work and turnaround speed. They are clearly pros in product design. I also enjoyed my interaction with the biz dev team. Overall, great quality of work and very efficient.

Anya ShapinaCEO, Wysefit

Active and open communication, critical and constructive thinking skills, flexibility in mind and approaches as well as motivation and eagerness were all combined within a small effective team. It was a great and exciting experience to work with Toploox Research.

Andreas SteingötterManaging Director, EXCITE Zurich

We wouldn’t have been able to launch the apps as fast by working with someone else. Tooploox proved to be a hands-on agency, and handled a lot of the product work on our behalf, doing what was needed in order to launch the apps. They did a great job, even though the scope proved much bigger than initially thought.

Krzysztof WierzbickiPresident,

They have a lot of resources that other development teams don’t seem to have. Also, if we need the opinion of someone who specializes in certain technologies, they usually have that expertise in-house.

Josh HaimsonCo-Founder, VoiceDrop

Our Mobile App Development Solutions

Launch a mobile app that fulfills your business goals and matches your users’ needs. Our services are geared toward bringing out the best of your ideas and making your product or project successful.

Build user-centric applications with a Top Mobile App Development Company

The yardstick for measuring a mobile app’s performance is not only about coding quality or UI ratings, but how well it delivers on its promise to end-users.

At Tooploox, we research user needs and leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior mobile products.

Our Mobile App Development Sprint Process

Using product design sprints, we can swiftly build your app at top speed with quality coding, design, and management. We end the sprint process by delivering minute sections of your app every few days.

Discovery Workshop

A consultation to understand the objectives and architecture of your project.

UI/UX Design and Development

Design plans & prototypes based on user research and client objectives.


Front-end and back-end development relying on iterative or agile processes.

Quality Assurance

We conduct quality assurance checks, fix bugs, and effect improvements.

Soft Launch & Deployment

We deploy the app live for customer use and evaluate its initial performance.

Support & Maintenance

Periodic QA testing, system monitoring, and on-demand app updates.

Agile Mobile App Development process

Mobile App Development Services

Since more people spend more time on mobile devices than desktops, launching mobile apps has become essential for many businesses, and projected revenues are in the hundreds of billions of US dollars.

Mobile app development is the creation of software intended to run on mobile devices such as smartphones. These apps can be designed using a range of programming languages, including native and cross-platform frameworks like React Native for Android and Swift.

Individuals and businesses may require the services of a mobile app development company to build mobile solutions that meet specific business objectives and deliver a better product experience to users. This is what we do at Tooploox.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you build your mobile app idea into a reality.

Android App Development

Android app development enables businesses to increase exposure in the huge android market. With an android application, one can reach mobile users who make up most of the mobile market share.

Android app development can be done using a variety of open source technologies. For native Android apps, Java and Kotlin are widely used programming languages.

When building an Android app, we consider the usability, design, stability, and functionality of the app before going into wireframing and user interface design. This ensures that the app stands out in the market. In addition, adequate testing must be done before publishing the app to the Google Play store.

iOS App Development

With an iOS app, you can reach users of the Apple iPhone and Apple’s other devices with operating systems based on iOS, such as iPad and iPod touch.

With iOS app development, you can tap into the high-potential iPhone market and increase your revenue with app subscriptions, in-app purchases, and more. A well-built iOS app is highly intuitive, interactive and delivers an excellent user experience.

We build native iOS apps with Swift, Objective-C, and other widely accepted programming languages. Our range of technology stacks enables us to meet your needs and project specifications.

Our process starts with choosing the right technology for your needs and app functionalities. Then, we will handle the UI and UX design and code your app towards a final product while testing along the way.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform app development involves building a mobile app with a single codebase that can be launched on different mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS. Native apps, on the other hand, are built for a specific operating system.

Native app development uses technologies such as Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android, while cross-platform app development uses technologies that include React Native and Flutter.

Cross-platform app development comes with these benefits as opposed to native apps:

  • Faster deployment and quicker time to market due to one codebase
  • Cost-saving
  • Can reach all the target audience with one mobile app code
  • Coherent and consistent app look across platforms

UI/UX Design and Development

UI stands for User Interface, while UX stands for User Experience. Both are essential to mobile app development.

UI design ensures that the visual interactions of users around a mobile app are aesthetically pleasing. It takes into consideration how the visual elements look. UX design, on the other hand, takes into consideration how visual elements feel. Rather than aesthetics, it looks at how users interact with the app, such as its intuitiveness and re-use value.

We put your target audience first and run our mobile app designs through visual intuition tests to deliver aesthetically pleasing and effective interfaces that meet users’ needs and match users’ behaviors.

Application Maintenance

As time goes on, you will need performance maintenance and product updates. These ensure that your mobile app is proactive in that bugs and issues are fixed before users have the chance to notice them.

Application maintenance also helps to ensure that your apps perform optimally, be it as an on-demand or ongoing maintenance service.

Our team at Tooploox provides mobile application maintenance to debug, sustain and re-scale your app as you need. We ensure that your app’s performance and critical systems perform optimally.

Premium Support Services

As a full-service mobile application development company, Tooploox provides premium post-launch support to help you scale through the lifetime of your app. Premium support ensures that your app stays successful beyond its initial deployment to the market.

With premium support services, you have an experienced team on hand for whatever you need, be it consulting for the next best features your app should have, keeping in touch with the market, creating new app features, or being available when you or your app users need help.


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