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We design and build tailored, reliable, and top-of-the-line custom software solutions that create a competitive edge and enhance business performance for startups and established companies from all around the world.


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Why design and build your Product with Tooploox?

Experience highly scalable solutions that amaze investors and skyrocket product performance.

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We’re impressed with the architecture and tools that they used. The team is clearly evolving. They follow the industry’s best practices, using modern approaches rather than modifying a previous template. They’re really flexible.

Allen SchoberExecutive, Consumer Lighting Product Company

It’s the maturity of their developers, their ability to self-organize, and their engagement. They strive to understand the product and know what we’re doing and why.

Adam WojciechowskiCOO & Co-Founder, Smart Devis AG

Active and open communication, critical and constructive thinking skills, flexibility in mind and approaches as well as motivation and eagerness were all combined within a small effective team. It was a great and exciting experience to work with Toploox Research.

Andreas SteingötterManaging Director, EXCITE Zurich

Tooploox’s work ethic was excellent. Also, they collaborated so well with us that it always felt like we were on the same team. Their feedback and suggestions were incredibly valuable.

Benjy KestCo-Founder & Co-CEO, Ripple Interactive, Inc.

We are very impressed with their work and turnaround speed. They are clearly pros in product design. I also enjoyed my interaction with the biz dev team. Overall, great quality of work and very efficient.

Anya ShapinaCEO, Wysefit

Our Product Design Solutions:

Investing in product design solves challenges, meets expectations, and saves lots of time and money.

At Tooploox, we deliver exact solutions at competitive rates and provide support at every stage of the product’s life cycle. We help businesses achieve goals and bring ideas to reality with product design solutions.

Product Design process:

Our product design process starts with understanding the purpose or aim to which the product will be tailored and ends with delivering a host of ideas to solve those issues.

We provide a comprehensive roadmap of the sprint phases to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain full transparency.

Our Product Design Sprint process

Our product design process starts with understanding the purpose or aim to which the product will be tailored and ends with delivering a host of ideas to solve those issues. We provide a comprehensive roadmap of the sprint phases to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain full transparency.

Requirement Analysis

In-depth analysis of your project requirements to understand the most efficient way to meet them.

UI & UX Design

We create a design plan and prototype your software to ensure a great user experience and final effect.

Software Development

We provide top quality front-end and back-end development.


We do QA testing at each development stage to detect defects, fix them and retest.


In the product release phase, we deploy directly to servers for customer use.

Support and Maintenance

We provide continuous support to ensure your software works efficiently at all times.

Product Design Services

Product design is our process of designing, deploying and maintaining software tailored to provide specific solutions for users or your organization.

Product design narrows down solution functionalities to defined sets of requirements, this is in sharp contrast to off-the-shelf software, which targets broad requirements for commercial purposes, jacks of all trades, masters of none.

Software development enables businesses to build scalable solutions that align with their specific objectives. The product design process gives room to add unique product functionalities or branding elements that can carve out a competitive edge.

At Tooploox, we apply Agile Development techniques and Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) to build and manage product design projects. For us, each project presents a chance to showcase our engineering, design, and client support prowess – a claim most evident in our many satisfied clients.

UX Design

User Experience (UX) boils down to creating human-centric products that are usable in the most responsive and appealing ways. UX design looks beyond the product and focuses on the user’s product journey from their first interactions to each return.

UX research and design structures are usually interwoven with the software design process, guiding system architects or developers in creating the final product.

At Tooploox, we integrate UX with our custom software development process. We combine end-user psychology, research and creativity with advanced engineering to produce interactive solutions users come to love. We aim to make users’ lives as easy as they can get.

UI Design

A user’s first impression of your software or product largely depends on the visual interface. So it’s important for the design to be aesthetically pleasing enough to inspire likeability and capture attention.

While UI works hand-in-hand with UX, it focuses on presenting your application through visual elements and structural outlook.

We specialize in creating beautiful and functional user interfaces for custom solutions that align with our UX and maintain your brand’s unique qualities.

Combining user insights, UX expectations, and strategic branding approaches, we craft simple, effective, intuitive, and delightful interfaces that fit the solution under design requirements, brand purpose, and that meet users’ needs.

Product Design Sprint

A Product Design Sprint (PDS) is made up of 3 to 5-phases that use design thinking to reduce the inherent risks in bringing new products to market. Think of it as a makeshift pivot scheme to understand the product and test the waters before the final launch.

The PDS answers complex business questions concerning a product within a short timeframe, minimizing risks of failure. Based on the Google Design Sprint methodology, PDS often involves workshops covering product ideation, design, prototyping, and testing.

Our PDS service condenses months of work into a few days of prototyping and testing to create your ideal software, saving you time and money and ensuring your success.

Branding Strategy Services

Your brand strategy must provide the following answers, who you are, where you are, where you want to be, and how your brand can take you there.

We craft you a unique branding strategy in answering these questions, identifying the best components to catapult your business forward, and then give these elements the finesse necessary to deliver a superior customer brand experience.


An illustration is a visual interpretation or explanation of a concept or process. In software design, they are used to explain complexities or bring back-end abstractions into the light.

Illustrations can significantly increase revenue. The vast majority of the world population consists of visual thinkers. As such, people are likely to make purchasing decisions based on well-illustrated product descriptions.

Our designers are experts in crafting beautiful illustrations that can sell a product at a glance, attract client’s attention and keep them captivated all the way through the checkout line.

Design Systems

A Design System consists of several design elements or components that can be used in multiple ways to develop applications.

A Design System groups together all elements that allow a team to design, realize and create various products. The reuse of pre-existing elements and components eliminates the need to create fully new designs, saving time and ensuring consistency across iterations.

Design systems can constantly evolve with the introduction of new tools, design elements, and technologies.

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