Product Discovery

We evaluate the innovative ideas of startups and market leaders to ensure their market fit, mitigating early risks and reducing costs in developing the final product.

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What is the product discovery process, and when do you need it?

Product Discovery describes the iterative process of reducing uncertainties around a problem or idea to ensure the right product is built for the right audience.

We combine the Design Thinking philosophy with the Lean Startup and Design Sprint approach to validate ideas and verify problems before implementation. Depending on the outcomes and your primary business goals, we will tailor our process to your specific needs.

Why build your product with Tooploox?

Whether you have just written down a fresh idea on a napkin or have already gone live with your product, whether you are a startup or a mature business, we can provide you with high-quality cooperation to take your product to the next level. Forming long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and professionalism is how we operate.

We don’t ask ourselves if we want to help you; we ask how we can.

Our Product Discovery Methods

We believe that building great products always begins with discovering and understanding our clients’ ideas and their customers’ needs. Each project and product is unique, and so is our approach, as there’s no one right way to do everything. We create custom Product Discovery processes using our expertise and experience and a multitude of methods and tools.

Our Product Discovery Process

From extensive workshops to interactive prototypes, we provide you with a whole custom process to be sure that your idea outshines the rest and will amaze investors and customers alike.

Define the challenge

During work with clients, we always focused on trust and comprehension. We want to make sure we have a common understanding of your vision and goals.

Market research

To see the full complexity of your product, we will dive deep into the market, discovering your competition, industry, and users.

Expert and user interviews

Your goals and your users are always the center of our attention. We want to know them – their expectations, struggles, and desires. With all this information, we can be sure your product will meet their exact needs.

Ideation workshops

To spark innovation, we create dedicated sessions for developing new ideas. Equipped with data from thorough user research and having a clear understanding of a problem, we focus solely on users and try to come up with as many ideas as possible to make the experience seamless.


We believe in an iterative approach – we are sure that testing different solutions and visions is the best way to create a perfect product. Moreover, prototyping saves a lot of money and your team’s time.

User testing

The best way to determine if a product meets users’ needs is to ask them. As a company with a user-centric approach, this method is the most effective.

MVP estimation

The product Discovery Process is the first step to building a market-fit product. At Tooploox, we always think holistically, and with experts from various fields, we not only estimate MVP but also build and develop it for and in the future.

What our clients say about us

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The expertise the company was able to provide was outstanding. The skillset of engineers on the project matched perfectly with our requirements.

We wouldn’t have been able to launch the apps as fast by working with someone else. Tooploox proved to be a hands-on agency, and handled a lot of the product work on our behalf, doing what was needed in order to launch the apps. They did a great job, even though the scope proved much bigger than initially thought.

Krzysztof WierzbickiPresident,

They have a lot of resources that other development teams don’t seem to have. Also, if we need the opinion of someone who specializes in certain technologies, they usually have that expertise in-house.

Josh HaimsonCo-Founder, VoiceDrop

We always strive to get better, and Tooploox is essential to our continuous improvement. Tooploox is extremely transparent and upfront about what they can and can’t achieve.

Jeffrey YangChief Technology Advisor, Healthcare Company

The Tooploox team was incredibly professional and had highly skilled operators in both the technical and product design arenas. They came to each workshop having done a remarkable amount of research and preparation.

Sagar VermaCTO & Co-Founder, Granular AI

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