Android Developer (Senior)

Location: Remote
Salary: 19 000 – 24 000 netto + VAT B2B | 17 000 – 21 500 gross UoP

Hi there!

We are Tooploox and we work on projects that improve people’s lives – in line with our mission, we have already changed the way people invest their money, build houses and take care of their health (just take a look at our client portfolio). Feel invited!

What you will do:

    • Develop quality mobile applications for the Android platform.
    • Contribute to our in-house products.
    • Facilitate skills growth in the team through mentoring/knowledge sharing

    Experience and skills you need to join us:

      • Commercial experience and self-reliance in writing Android applications
      • Knowledge of Kotlin
      • Understanding of Gradle build system
      • Knowledge of continuous integration and build automation
      • Experience in writing Unit Tests
      • Understanding of application architecture (e.g. Clean Architecture, Architecture Components)
      • Familiarity with popular third-party libraries and tools (e.g. Android Studio, Coroutines, Dagger2/Hilt/Koin, Retrofit/Ktor, Jetpack libraries).
      • Understanding of multi-module projects
      • Drive to experiment with novel approaches to problems
      • Ability to directly communicate with client-side stakeholders/developers
      • Fluent in Polish and English

    It would be great if you also have:

    • Experience with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
    • Experience in writing Integration and UI Tests
    • Experience with Jetpack Compose

      Android Developer (Senior)

      • Remote
      Salary: 19 000 - 24 000 netto + VAT B2B 17 000 - 21 500 gross UoP


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      How we will help to fulfill your needs:

      How we work

      We believe that teams and employees are able to manage themselves. That’s why we’ve decided to work in a flat, informal structure, at the core of which lay the values we care for most of all: collaboration, trust and flexibility.

      Being a part of a self-organizing, autonomous team gives us real ownership of our work and the possibility to fully develop our potential.

      Do you have any questions?

      Talk with our recruitment team!

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