18: Crypto 101 – can you simplify Web3 concepts? – with Christian Byza

Crypto 101 – can you simplify Web3 concepts with Christian Byza

Christian Byza

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Christian Byza is the CEO & Co-Founder of San Francisco-based e-learning startup Cryptohunt.it. Funded by Coinbase Ventures, the CEO of LinkedIn, and other Angels – they teach the public about Web3 with cool free courses, a daily podcast, and industry news – and all in plain English so anyone can understand it. Before starting Cryptohunt, Christian led all of LinkedIn’s event products across creation, discovery, live broadcasting and invented and created their native audio events product and co-founded OMR, the world’s largest digital marketing event with over 70k attendees last year. In the episode, we’re discussing launching your business, the good and the bad around cryptocurrencies and whether you can truly simplify Web3 so that anyone can understand it.

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