AI trends for 2020 Report

September 16, 2022

AI is changing how businesses work across all industries. Constant technological growth affects our lives and the way we think. Tooploox AI researchers and scientists shared some insights and practical guidance on 10 AI emerging trends for 2020. These can help you understand how to apply AI to your organization.

What's inside?

  • Emotional AI - do machines really understand what we feel?
  • AI in medical diagnostic - does and how can it affect cancer detection?
  • Interpretable AI - an algorithm of transparency or bias?
  • What is the future of synthetic media and its malicious potential?
  • Visual search - what it means for retail e-commerce?
  • Could Edge AI be a remedy for excessive power consumption?

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Be up to date with the most striking AI trends for 2020 and learn how to apply them to your business.