Research & Development

The Tooploox team delivers research and development services for innovative startups and world-leading companies to tackle their challenges in a way unseen before.

Whether you are an innovative startup, an enterprise-level world-changer, or anything in between, the power of reaching for the unknown is at your disposal. For our clients, the Tooploox team supports and facilitates creating world-changing solutions from scratch, where new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs are required. Disrupting your market was never that easy.

Let our team outthink your challenges

Your idea is unseen before? Your vision is bold on the verge of impossibility? You need your product to be built from scratch, using unseen technologies? Or maybe you dare to solve problems deemed unsolvable? We are with you.


Solve problems once deemed unsolvable by letting our team take a crack at your challenges. Our minds will deliver solutions that will shatter the status quo in your industry and make you a shaper of tomorrow.

Prototyping and Proof of concept

We deliver proof that our ideas and concepts are real and applicable. Get ready to see your impossible idea ready and working.

Feasibility study

Sometimes it is better to let an idea go. But when? With our feasibility study, you will get the answers to your business questions and mitigate risks well before they arise.


Let the market verify your vision. Our research and development team, supported by software engineers and designers, will prepare you a Minimum Viable Product so you can enter the market and change the world right away!
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Meet Our Team

With professors, PhDs, and PhD candidates we will get support you in breaking the rules and reaching for what was seen as unreachable before. We have a whole scientific institute ready to challenge reality for you.

Our works

Our works bridge the gap between academia and business, focusing on applying cutting-edge technology to transform people’s daily lives.

Divide and not forget: Ensemble of selectively trained experts in Continual Learning

Divide and not forget: Ensemble of selectively trained experts in Continual Learning

Overcoming the catastrophic forgetting in continual learning

  • A novel approach to overcoming catastrophic forgetting
  • The technique leverages the Mixture of Experts to make training the neural network easier
  • The technique injects new skills into the network while keeping its capabilities untouched


Possible applications:

  • Reducing the time and cost required to upskill an existing neural network

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Our grants

Tooploox has experience in grant funded research with Academic and Industrial partners. Over the last 10 years we have sought grant funding to leverage our research and development (R&D) activities and help advance project and technology development in strategic directions. Grants allow our staff to gain exposure to unique expertise and resources and to participate in cutting edge research with world renowned institutions. This helps Tooploox bring new products, services, and technologies to our clients faster as well as lower the costs of developing new technologies by employing public funding.

Tooploox’s exposure to grant-funded R&D projects is close to 1,5M EUR in secured funding, among these are:

How was Tooploox Research established?

At Tooploox we believe no one is a lonely island. Collaboration, support for one another, and the willingness to share knowledge are values we consider to be essential for growth. That’s why, in 2019, we joined forces with Microscope IT – a dev shop providing AI and R&D services for Life Science, Healthcare and Medtech. This partnership advanced our AI skills to make us even more competitive and gave us, as a company but also as AI experts, the possibility to develop and reach the next level of expertise.

Formally, MicroscopeIT and Tooploox AI labs were connected together and from 2020 have been called Tooploox Research. We are proud to work together and we believe this merger not only makes us stronger but also helps us to fulfill our mission to improve lives through cutting-edge products and solutions.

MicroscopeIT represented Polish tech companies in CERN

We joined a delegation of Polish companies who presented their work and ideas in a meeting at CERN.

Discussing our engine and computation strategies with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella

We presented MicroscopeIT’s projects and solutions during a special meeting with the Ministry of Development, which included Mateusz Morawiecki (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development and Finance), Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO), and Jacek Kędzior (Managing Partner of EY Poland), among others.

Top Polish Startups Presentation in Sweden with President Duda

Wojciech Tarnawski and Ryszard Szopa joined a delegation of top Polish startups who presented their work and ideas at an economic forum hosted during President Duda’s official visit to Sweden.
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