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The Tooploox team delivers research and development services for innovative startups and world-leading companies to tackle their challenges in a way unseen before.

Whether you are an innovative startup, an enterprise-level world-changer, or anything in between, the power of reaching for the unknown is at your disposal. For our clients, the Tooploox team supports and facilitates creating world-changing solutions from scratch, where new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs are required. Disrupting your market was never that easy.

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Your idea is unseen before? Your vision is bold on the verge of impossibility? You need your product to be built from scratch, using unseen technologies? Or maybe you dare to solve problems deemed unsolvable? We are with you.

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With professors, PhDs, and PhD candidates we will get support you in breaking the rules and reaching for what was seen as unreachable before. We have a whole scientific institute ready to challenge reality for you.

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Our works bridge the gap between academia and business, focusing on applying cutting-edge technology to transform people’s daily lives.

HyperShot: Few-Shot Learning by Kernel HyperNetworks

Secondary title: Tackling the lack of labeled data

  • A novel approach for few-shot problems that combines the benefits of using hypernetworks and kernel methods 
  • The role of the hypernetwork is to produce weights dedicated to the considered task
  • The model can be applied to image classification problems where only a few examples are labeled
  • The model works well both for in- and cross-domain problems

Possible applications

  • Working in industries with a scarcity of labeled data, for example healthcare and life sciences
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Our grants

Tooploox has experience in grant funded research with Academic and Industrial partners. Over the last 10 years we have sought grant funding to leverage our research and development (R&D) activities and help advance project and technology development in strategic directions. Grants allow our staff to gain exposure to unique expertise and resources and to participate in cutting edge research with world renowned institutions. This helps Tooploox bring new products, services, and technologies to our clients faster as well as lower the costs of developing new technologies by employing public funding.

Tooploox’s exposure to grant-funded R&D projects is close to 1,5M EUR in secured funding, among these are:

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