Tooploox 4th in Deloitte Fast 50 CE Report!

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Tooploox is ranked  4th in the Deloitte Fast 50 CE with 2827% growth rate over the last 4 years. We are the highest ranked Polish company on this prestigious list. Here is how we got there!

What is the secret behind this success?

Since the very beginning, we’ve put people first because we’ve been building company culture together. This success couldn’t have happened without entire team’s hard work. We are proud of having a flat structure, which means no managers. It motivates all the employees to be involved in decision making and it has got financial benefits to boot. Another important factor has been our partnership with clients. We maintain close relationships with them so we’ve been getting a big part of our contracts through referrals. Other than that, we try to stay ahead when it comes to tech trends and invest heavily in AI and Data Science.

What we do at Tooploox?

Tooploox is a software development company. We are focused on emerging technologies and help our partners build great problem-solving products. We have great expertise in building mobile apps (iOS, Android), Web Development (Ruby, Python, Node.js, React), IoT solutions as well as projects related to Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

How did it all start?

It all began with a quiz app ”Quizzpy”. We were developing it after hours and funding it ourselves. We were running short of money but we decided not take any investment. It coincided with more and more requests to help other companies with mobile app development. This is how we got our first contract and after a while, our clients began to ask for other software development services. For this reason, we extended our team by adding  Back-End, Front-End, Product Design, Data Science, AI. Now Tooploox consists of nearly 100 people at 2 offices (Wrocław and Warsaw) and almost 20 people working remotely. Despite this growth, we have managed to keep our flat structure and our focus on making Tooploox a great place to work.

What the future holds?

We are proud of having a flat structure, however, our goal is to have self-managing teams. The key to our success is the great team. We believe that employees can be trusted and given the decision making power in a variety of areas such as hiring or business development. We are not there yet, but we’ve been consulting important decisions with the entire company and putting a great effort in keeping internal communication transparent.

We don’t have any plans regarding hiring. We will stick to growing with our clients like we used to do so far.

We would also like to build our own product. We have a history of working on our own apps, like Quizzpy and Golem (video conferencing app). Lately, we’ve created Offhub – a time-off managing tool, and Sesame – an application and smart lock device for opening door with a smartphone. Being aware of the necessity of working full time on such a product, we’ve launched Tooploox Labs – a place for experimenting with emerging technologies and building our own prototypes. We also plan to delve deeper into Data Science and AI.

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