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Tooploox CS and AI News 31
Date: July 12, 2023 Author: Konrad Budek 3 min read

June has proven that AI is taking the market by storm – with McKinsey, Amazon, Toyota, and Salesforce leading the way to wider AI adoption. 

Companies are using the power of both traditional and generative AI in various ways – from transforming everyday work to augmenting design and building whole new business units to encourage other companies to adopt new ways of working. 

50% of McKinsey staff use GenerativeAI

According to a statement made by Ben Ellencweig, senior partner and leader of alliances and acquisitions at Quantum Black, the company’s AI consulting branch, employees have clear guidelines and recommendations regarding the use of GenAI tools. The company has also shared that ChatGPT is among the top-chosen tools of employees. 

More details can be found in a report shared by VentureBeat

Salesforce – AI Saves up to 5 hours of marketing work weekly

Salesforce, along with YouGov, polled a total of 1000 marketers from the US, UK, and Australia in May. The results have shown that marketers are eager to adopt new tech, with many of them already infusing their workforce with GenAI tools. 

The poll has shown that 51% already use these tools in their daily work, with another 22% saying that they plan to bring them into their work soon. The most popular application is basic content and copy creation using Large Language Models. Also, for 58%, large language models were used in analyzing gathered data. 

More details can be found in the Salesforce press release

WordPress releases Jetpack Assistant.

Arguably the most popular and renowned Content Management System used throughout the Internet, WordPress has also hopped the hyped-up GenerativeAI technology trend. The company has announced a proprietary AI-powered assistant called Jetpack AI Assistant. The tool can be integrated directly into the editor interface. 

The assistant is comparable to similar technologies like ChatGPT – it delivers content from prompts provided by the users. The tool claims to automatically spellcheck in 12 languages, including English, Korean, and Hindi, among others. 

More information can be found in this blog post

McKinsey: Generative AI will add $4.4 trillion yearly to the global economy

A report issued by McKinsey states that GenAI tools have unprecedented potential. The impact of these systems can be comparable to adding another United Kingdom to the Earth regarding economic potential. To deliver the report, the company analyzed 850 occupations and 2100 detailed work activities, representing up to 80% of the global workforce. 

The report states that these tools have the potential to automate work typically done during up to 60-70% of the working day of today’s specialists. 

More details can be found in the report

Amazon to invest $100 million to help customers succeed with GenAI 

The company aims to connect AWS Artificial Intelligence experts with customers and enterprises to search for opportunities and speed up deployment. 

The new entity within the company will be called the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center and will be composed of data scientists, engineers, and solution architects. The first companies that will cooperate with the center include Highspot, Lonely Planet, and Ryanair, among others. 

More information can be found in the Amazon Press Center

Toyota unveils a GenAI-powered vehicle design tool

The Toyota Research Institute released a tool that supports vehicle design, delivering a concept of a new car from only a prompt. These can be delivered in the same manner as prompts for Midjourney or ChatGPT are constructed. For example, a designer can request a “sleek sports car,” “modern SUV,” or “heavy-duty pick-up.” 

The tool later delivers sketches with performance metrics so the designer can adjust and improve the prototype at will. According to a company statement, this tool will encourage their designers to explore new concepts and will liberate their creativity. 

More about the tool and its features can be found in this press release

Oracle introduces generative AI in the HR field.

The company has announced implementing Generative AI features into its Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management. The tool aims to automate the time-consuming workflows seen in the HR field, including writing job descriptions and drafting employee surveys. 

The GenAI tools will also support delivering summarizations and suggestions and support HR teams in general writing tasks. 
More information can be found on VentureBeat.

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