Tooploox Establishes a Detroit Presence with Techstars Detroit

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tooploox and techstars

We are thrilled to announce that we have begun our cooperation with Techstars Detroit, working with their Accelerator Program to support mobility startups from around the world. Our world-class expertise in developing digital products has been recognized as a crucial component that accelerates early-stage company growth.

Why This is a Big Deal

This is the first time Techstars Detroit has invited a technology company of 150+ people to the mentor’s table. The relationship is based on a mutual belief that the future of innovation is built on long term relationships. 

Ted Serbinsky, Techstars Detroit’s Managing Director, says “I’m not making a transactional investment in startups. I’m making a commitment to a long term relationship with the founders of the startup. The relationship with Tooploox encompasses this value — bringing international technical expertise to startups around the world.

Connecting the dots with Detroit

Having worked with a leading self-driving car company in the past, Tooploox had a glimpse into the growing automotive industry that Detroit is known for. What we witness now is how the city has started leveraging the potential of technology and innovation. As Ted explains – “Detroit is no longer telling the world how to move. The world is telling Detroit how to move. The future of automotive mobility is the transformation of manufactured steel to serviced software.” 

We want to be here to support that shift” – adds Tooploox co-founder, Paweł Sołyga – 

Establishing a relationship with Techstars Detroit feels like a great step towards that goal.

Techstars Detroit is the longest-running startup accelerator in the world in the automotive and transportation industry. Techstars Detroit has invested in 54 startups from 10 different countries, jointly valued at over $300M.

Last week, TechCrunch covered the announcement of the 2019 Techstars Detroit Class. This class was unveiled at the TechCrunch Mobility event in San Francisco, the 2nd largest event TechCrunch puts on after Disrupt. 

Tooploox arrived for the first 2 weeks of the program to help entrepreneurs succeed with their startups.

How Tooploox is Bringing Technical Experience to Startups and Detroit

Tooploox’s expertise has been built on the development of 150 digital products and support for startups of approximately $2 billion in value. Our skill set is represented here by a team composed of experienced AI engineers, Product Designers, and Product Managers. They map startup’s needs in order to be in the best position to help them throughout the program.

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