Tooploox helps bring Orro Home Smart Lighting system to the Android platform

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We’re very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Orro, the creator of the Home Lighting System. The Tooploox team will develop an Android version of the app to help control and adjust household lighting.

Orro Home Smart Lighting 

Orro is an easy-to-install lighting system that unifies the smart home and creates perfect lighting, automatically. By learning the preferences of the household’s members and sensing their everyday presence patterns, Orro automatically adjusts the lighting based on the rhythms of household life. 

Natural patterns of light and dark 

People are programmed to function according to the cycle of day and night. Our hormones and neurotransmitters production depends on it – and so does our well being. Artificial light has a major impact on our body clock function and may disrupt the natural balance.

The Orro Home Smart Lighting follows the natural cycle of day and night and adjusts the lights in people’s homes. Orro’s intelligent light dimming systems are synced with the rhythm of natural light and regulate the artificial lighting levels according to the human body’s natural responses to cycles of light and dark.

Inspired by nature, Orro supports your healthy sleep pattern – which reduces stress and exhaustion. 

“Finding partners you can trust and care deeply about quality is rare. We’re excited to be working with Tooploox as we deliver on our most customers’ most frequent requests”

Collin Billings – Founder & CEO at Orro

Orro App

Our Android engineers will be working on an Android version of the Orro app, which will allow users to control all light switches in their house with just a few taps. 

“The best interface is no interface and Orro provides a seamless lighting experience that adjusts to our daily habits, benefits our health, and saves energy. I’m really excited about the partnership and bringing Orro to the Android platform.”

Paweł Sołyga – Founder & CEO at Tooploox

The exciting world of the Internet of Things  

Tooploox’s wide range of expertise has been built upon the development of over 150 digital projects. We support companies with comprehensive full-stack teams with particular achievements in areas like Computer Vision and Machine Learning, mobile development, web development, product design, and project management. 

Building on our previous experience in delivering successful products to the smart home field (such as the June Oven), we are greatly looking forward to our cooperation with Orro. 

Products that make people’s lives better 

With 150+ very talented people on board, the Tooploox team is up for any product challenge. Whether it’s solving problems through cutting-edge technology or answering users’ needs by the flawless UX design. And we particularly love to build and support products that add real value to people’s lives – such as Orro Smart Lighting.