Tooploox joins top 7% of global software engineering companies in Pangea

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We’re happy to announce that Tooploox has been successfully verified as engineering team. Being a part of the exclusive 7% of software development companies within the Pangea community will allow us to provide an even greater level of transparency for both our current and future partners and clients.

A journey through the thorough verification process

We decided to join the Pangea community in order to place ourselves in a trusted and verified environment. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our future partners, we know how important it is to know you’re collaborating with verified and trustworthy teams.

The story which stands behind the establishment of Tooploox is a story about the creation of an IT company where people can work on meaningful and exciting projects and improve their skills by solving new challenges. After eight years and with 150 IT experts on board, the possibility to learn remains crucial for us. This is also reflected in our company values: growth, engagement, and professionalism.

At Tooploox we pay special attention to transparency. Being an organization that has successfully implemented holacracy, we constantly strive to measure the health and satisfaction of both our clients and employees. And sharing this kind of information once gathered across the organization is also an important practice for us. 

That is why it was relatively easy for us to gain all the insights necessary to enter the Pangea verification process, such as business strategy, culture, technology, recruitment & HR, project metrics, and more. The most difficult issue was time – and timing. 

Pangea’s verification process included internal company mapping, the gathering of client reviews based on their specially designed surveys, and the measuring of team health by asking Plooxies all across the organization about their happiness and satisfaction with their work.

What did we find out

First of all, we once again had a reason to appreciate the long-term and meaningful relationships we have maintained with our clients as we gathered their insights. Even though we asked our partners to fill out our NPS scores not terribly long before the Pangea verification process was launched, they were still ready to answer yet another series of questions about us and provide all the necessary information. 

We also found out, to our great joy, that our overall health score within the organization is really high. Additionally, thanks to the fact that Pangea health metrics required a certain response rate, we had the chance to examine our health on a bigger statistical sample. The work satisfaction survey we conduct regularly is a checkup rarely done on such a big scale.

Going through the health metrics checkup across the whole organization made us realize the importance of having a bigger sample of respondents when it comes to such an important matter. It also made us think about what we can do to improve our process to increase response rates –  says Joanna Reszewska, Head of HR at Tooploox. 

The importance of effective and efficient health checkups within an organization, which became obvious during the Pangea verification process, resulted in us searching for a better tool to conduct our internal surveys. We realized that it would be beneficial to implement a user-friendly tool that would allow respondents to share their insights easily and quickly. This would allow us to gather more information from a larger number of Plooxies in the same or even less time. 

Wrapping Up

The overall score we received after undergoing Pangea’s verification process is something we are proud of and definitely something we’d like to maintain. To ensure that, we’re gonna dedicate ourselves to nurturing meaningful partnerships and relationships with our clients. We also plan to implement tools and processes to help us keep a closer eye on the health and satisfaction of Plooxies across the whole organization. 

Because our mission is improving people’s lives with technology, we know that improvements to people’s lives are mirrored in the organization’s values and health.

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