Tooploox Launches AI Discovery Services: Guiding Businesses on Their AI Journey

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Tooploox Launches AI Discovery Services: Guiding Businesses on Their AI Journey

As Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape technology and the business landscape, Tooploox is pleased to announce a reinforced focus on expanding our Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, a natural continuation of our AI research and software development legacy. 

Tooploox AI service offerings are being enhanced by introducing AI Discovery — a new service tailored for innovative companies, from startups to enterprises, aiming to initiate or boost their AI adoption processes.

“AI technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, driving a revolution that impacts numerous industries. As Generative AI becomes widely adopted and AI reasoning capabilities continue to improve, every company stands to benefit regardless of their current level of AI adoption. The potential for boosting productivity and efficiency is enormous. With our AI Discovery services and a decade of AI experience, Tooploox is committed to helping these companies navigate and leverage AI for maximum benefit.” — states Paweł Sołyga, Tooploox co-founder and CEO. 

Building on a Foundation of AI Excellence since 2014

Intensifying efforts on AI service offerings align seamlessly with Tooploox’s history of excellence and leadership in AI. With over nine years of deep-rooted experience in AI development, Tooploox’s decision to increase focus on AI services is a natural progression and a strategic response to the technological advancements defining the current era.

Our longstanding commitment to AI innovation is backed by an illustrious R&D team of over 40 engineers and researchers, with half PhD and PhD candidates, who have collaborated on projects in world-renowned labs such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, ETH Zurich, and INRIA. Our AI scientists have published or co-published so far over 15 research papers contributing to groundbreaking AI research, securing multiple patents, and publishing extensively and regularly in top-tier conferences like NeurIPS, ICML, ECCV, IJCAI, WACV, and journals like Nature.   

Over the past decade, we’ve worked with over 100 companies, including Light, Group Nine Media, Ro, ETH Zurich, Voyage,, and Statespace. 

Explore AI Discovery with Tooploox

As a part of our strategy, we introduce AI Discovery, a process designed to offer comprehensive assistance to businesses at every stage of AI adoption and to help our clients in many ways, as it consists of:

  • Introduction for those new to AI: Understanding what is possible to build with AI now
  • AI Readiness Evaluation: Assessing enterprise readiness for transformative AI integration.
  • Custom AI Strategy: Align AI technologies with specific business goals for maximum impact.
  • Proof of Concept: Demonstrating the real-world potential of AI applications.
  • Early product validation and risk reduction: Ensure your product meets market needs before deciding whether to build.

“At Tooploox, we’ve been deeply immersed in AI for years, refining our approach to guide businesses through the complexities of AI adoption. Our mission is to demystify AI for our clients and provide tailored strategies that align with their unique goals. AI Discovery addresses this by simplifying AI integration, from readiness evaluation to custom strategies and proof of concepts, ensuring every company can leverage AI effectively.” – Izabela Piotrowska, Head of AI Discovery Services at Tooploox.

Continuing Expertise: Intensifying Our Focus on AI Development

This strategic doubling down towards AI services leverages our extensive expertise and meets the growing demand for sophisticated AI solutions in the marketplace. Our expanded focus on AI services is set to revolutionize how businesses leverage cutting-edge AI to drive innovation and achieve significant gains in efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information about AI Discovery and how Tooploox can help your business excel through AI, please visit our website or contact our expert team.