Tooploox & MicroscopeIT join forces to become a leading AI service provider in Europe

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joining forces to deliver AI solutions

We’ve got some really exciting news to share, first of its kind in Tooploox history! Today, we would like to announce that Tooploox has invested in and started to work hand in hand with MicroscopeIT – a strong 20+ software house providing AI and R&D services for Life Science, Pharma and Medtech.

Partnership of the future

Through acquisition of a significant share packet, we are effectively joining forces on our way to become the best AI service provider in Europe and a venture building company. We feel that strengthening our AI competences in this partnership will reinforce both companies and allow us to better fulfill the mission we share: building high-impact teams and innovative products to solve meaningful real-life problems!

“MicroscopeIT brings on board several years of experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning projects, mostly in the areas of Life Sciences, Medtech, Healthcare and Robotics. With a talented team of AI engineers as well as seasoned scientific experts, we are investing in the future of technology, where Machine Learning enables unprecedented breakthroughs in Medicine and well-being. At the same time, we are also expanding our team with great people sharing the same passion for innovation. I’m also excited to see Tomasz Trzciński, Chief Scientist and Partner at Tooploox to join MicroscopeIT board, with the objective of transferring knowledge between the teams and building effective synergies.” – Paweł Sołyga, Tooploox Co-Founder & CEO.

“We’re very excited to join forces with Tooploox! To us, Tooploox is a software house providing much more than excellent service and product building – it is all about culture, experience and respect to each other and clients, which are the core values at MicroscopeIT. By establishing this strategic partnership, both companies want to use synergies to accelerate reaching our common holy-grail: being the best place to work, dream and grow, working on projects that are challenging, and having a real-life impact. It is truly amazing to realize that now we can gather together over 50 AI researchers & engineers and over 100 developers & designers to work together. It opens new exciting possibilities and puts us in a very advantageous and unique situation on the AI market.” – Szymon Stoma, MicroscopeIT CEO.

A new journey is about to start

We believe MicroscopeIT is an amazing fit for Tooploox and the best partner at the right moment. The entire team at MicroscopeIT shares with us passion to become a venture building company, delivering high-quality software services. All this without sacrificing startup culture, close relationships with clients and employees and an appreciation for long-term partnerships. This bold move wouldn’t be possible without the talented people we have on board, so big applause for the entire team!

We’re really excited and looking forward to welcoming the MicroscopeIT team in the family!

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