Track your travel expenses with Expenditour

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If you were to list the top 3 most annoying things about business trips (or any other trip), what would they be?
My personal top 3 are:

1. Delayed or cancelled flights
2. Slow Wi-Fi on the airport
3. Collecting receipts and managing expenses.

While there isn’t much you can do about the first two, the last one can be easily solved. Yes, we have an app for that. Expenditour is an easy-to-use app which will help you manage your budget during vacation or a business trips. What is so special about Expenditour is the fact that its features come directly from our experience with travel expenses. We wanted to address the most common pains of expense tracking and reporting. The app has been tested on humans (on us!), so it has all the essential features to keep your spendings in check.


Our goal was to make a simple, clean app. After choosing a destination, you just need to enter the cost, pick the category and you’re ready to add a new expense.

Additionally, if you have a 3D touch capable iPhone, you can use it to quickly add new expenses to your current trip.
You can customize category list according to your individual needs. We have come up with a list of multiple predefined categories, and we have made sure that all of them have beautiful emojis! You can also easily check a summary of your current expenses in Today Widget.

What if your receipt gets lost?

To make sure you not only keep track of, but also collect all receipts, every expense can be illustrated with a mark on the map and a photo. You can take a picture of an invoice, business meeting, lunch or evening party receipt ;)

What about reporting?

After you come back, create a summary report which can be shared via Social Media or exported to .pdf or .csv – this way you can use a spreadsheet to analyze your expenses or pass it to your accountant.

No Wi-Fi on the airport?

Expenditour runs offline so you don’t need to worry about Wi-Fi or data roaming.

Summer is coming and it’s a perfect time to test the potential of Expenditour during vacation. Visit App Store and find out how Expenditour can improve your travel finances.