We became a member of the Fast Growth Icons European Network!

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Fast Growth Icons

Around a year ago we were recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe according to the FT 1000 ranking and our growth still continues – we couldn’t be happier about that! Recently we became a member of the Fast Growth Icons Network 2019 and Paweł Sołyga, our Co-Founder had an opportunity to attend an invite-only event for all the members in Berlin. Are you curious what’s so special about the title Fast Growing Icons? Check it out.

Fast Growth Icons Membership

Let’s take a closer look at this recognition to explore the value behind it. Fast Growth Icons is the invitation-only network for successful businesses. It means that companies are carefully selected based on their growth – they have to show considerable traction in terms of revenue, users & funding. The typical member is growing by 50% per annum, so we’re talking about big numbers. In other words, the Icon has to be a well-established, successful company with the growth potential for the future.

There’s no silver bullet to achieve such numbers, but it’s pretty safe to say that we combined many assets to develop the business so fast. It’s all about working with our partners on exciting products and expanding our team with passionate people who want to explore technologies & grow in their areas of interest. When we recall the first steps on our way, well… so many things have changed since then! Now we’re hiring over 150 people in different locations (including Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk) and cooperating with many inspiring, international partners. Our hard work has paid off 🙂

The event in Berlin as the icing on a cake

Last week Paweł Sołyga had a pleasure to participate in the event which brings together the founders and CEOs of later-stage start-ups. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet inspiring people and share practical insights and experiences. Here you can find Paweł’s opinion about the event:

“It’s been a great experience to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share our experiences and discuss the challenges of our growing organizations. The event was full of insightful roundtable discussions and presentations. We covered a wide spectrum of topics from leadership culture, hiring for the growth ahead to employees engagement at scale. Big thanks to Ben Fletcher and the whole team behind Fast Growth Icons for the invite!”

We’re proud of this recognition and ready to achieve more! Our plans are getting more ambitious, so let’s see what the future holds 🙂