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This year is Tooploox’s 10th anniversary. A lot has changed in the world in the past decade. We, ourselves, have changed as well. We decided that 2022 is a good moment to conceptualize those changes and reflect them in our visual identity, as well as think about those things that have stayed and will stay the same about us. 

It all began as a dream of three friends – a dream of creating a workplace where they would always want to work. With meaningful projects that have a real impact on the world around them, technical challenges to solve, and with great people around them. People and their potential – that was always the main focus. 

The place for growth – for ideas and for talent. 

And so we grew. Year after year we grew in employees, projects, structure, offices, and clients. For 10 years now we’ve been facing new challenges, we’ve expanded the horizons of technology and keep supporting the visions of companies and startups from all around the globe. 

The world around us was always changing. And we were also changing and adapting: growing and expanding at an immense pace, creating new possibilities for our clients and for our own people. 

“Our changing and adapting so quickly made us think of who we were and what our brand identity was. What we knew is that from the beginning we always wanted to create a space for growth. And we always wanted to be a partner who shares the goals of our clients and employees. It was always all about the people and their potential.” 

The Great Field Idea 

Knowing what kind of company we were, we needed a big idea that would help us show our identity to the rest of the world. It became clear to us that creating the right environment for growth is a natural part of our DNA. We wanted this to be known and visible. 

The challenge was to create and implement branding that would resonate with our own growth and the growth we want to support and enable in the world: both for our clients and employees

We wanted to be the brand that we in fact are, not treat our brand like an asset that we simply “have.” The challenge was to decide how we see ourselves, hence how we speak about ourselves to the world – and thus how we visually represent ourselves should come naturally as a result. 

This is where the Admind agency came in to help. The mission was to find and voice the Tooploox identity and reach the heart of our brand. During the brand audit process, many hours of workshops, and guided sessions with our Plooxies, we were able to form a brand story that reflects truly what we are – a place where extraordinary projects can be brought to life by people with superior skill sets.

The idea of the Great Field was a tool that helped us step outside of the way we usually thought about ourselves and move into the world of imagination. In this world, Tooploox is a place like a garden in the infinite space of possibilities, in which our people, like skilled gardeners, help bring big ideas into full bloom with great care. In this world, we are also a place where our gardeners are nurtured to grow as well. 

The visual representation of the Great Field idea 

The aim of our new branding was to represent the idea of our garden. The visual elements we use, such as vibrant lively colors in rich, black soil sprinkled with seedlike shapes, represent a garden where visitors can watch their dreams grow and bloom into success stories.

“Our new key visual is used for a simple visual representation of our brand and our beliefs. This can be seen on our brand new website, which we proudly present to you and across all our visual assets. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.” 

What Hasn’t  Changed 

Our mission is to improve people’s lives through cutting-edge products and solutions. What we value most is collaboration, trust, and flexibility. Being a part of a self-organizing, autonomous team gives every single person at Tooploox the possibility to grow and fully develop their potential. As we exist in an environment of change, we need to adapt – to our clients and their ideas, as well as to our employees’ needs.

In this perpetual change, the thing that has remained constant is that people are the center of what we’ve always evolved around. And it will stay this way. Creating a supportive environment for people and ideas to evolve, nurturing them to grow, and caring about people’s well-being, well – being a garden – is how we want to impact the improvement. 

Welcome to the Great Field. It’s time to begin our work. 

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