AI Discovery

Leverage AI for maximum benefit in your company. Our experts will guide you through the AI Discovery process, mitigating risks and optimizing costs, whether you are an AI veteran or a newcomer.

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Discover the power of AI for your company

With AI-powered solutions transforming business models and disrupting established practices, our experts are here to help you navigate the AI revolution effectively. We’ll identify the best ways to integrate AI into your company, tailoring solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Who needs AI Discovery?

AI Discovery is ideal for a wide range of users—from large enterprises to startups and individuals, regardless of their experience or size.

What is AI Discovery?

AI Discovery is the initial phase of exploring and identifying how artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit an organization, what specific steps are needed to implement AI solutions, and how to solve current business problems, maximize return on investment, and create value.

Understanding What is Possible to Build with AI Now

We will give you a fundamental understanding of current AI capabilities and potential applications tailored to your industry needs, helping you envision how AI can address specific challenges and enhance your operations.

Assessing Readiness for Transformative AI Integration

We will identify your organization’s readiness for AI, highlight necessary preparations, and provide a roadmap to ensure successful AI adoption.

Aligning AI Technologies with Specific Business Goals for Maximum Impact

Our experts will help you develop a strategy that aligns AI technologies with your business goals. We will outline a clear plan for integration and impact, ensuring AI creates competitive advantages and drives innovation.

Demonstrating AI Applications with Proof of Concept

We demonstrate AI’s real-world effectiveness, allowing you to see tangible results and make informed decisions about full-scale implementation.

Early Product Validation and Risk Reduction

We ensure that your product aligns with market needs and customer expectations. Let us help you validate your vision effectively, preventing enthusiasm from overshadowing practical market realities.
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AI Discovery process

From workshops to prototype building, our process is designed to discover how AI can address your business challenges. Reaching these goals includes:


Understanding Business Objectives

Identifying your strategic goals, key challenges, and areas where AI could have the most significant impact.


Assessing Data Availability and Quality

Evaluating the existing data infrastructure, the quality of available data, and any gaps that need to be addressed to support AI initiatives.


Identifying Opportunities and Use Cases

Exploring potential problems or needs that AI can address that align with your business objectives and have a high likelihood of success.


Feasibility and Value for End User Testing via PoC

Conducting a feasibility study to assess the technical viability of implementing AI solutions and prototyping them. The prototype is tested with you to prove the solution works in real-life scenarios.


Risk Assessment

Recognizing potential risks and challenges associated with AI implementation and developing mitigation strategies.

What our clients say about us

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We’re impressed with the architecture and tools that they used. The team is clearly evolving. They follow the industry’s best practices, using modern approaches rather than modifying a previous template. They’re really flexible.

Allen SchoberExecutive, Consumer Lighting Product Company

It’s the maturity of their developers, their ability to self-organize, and their engagement. They strive to understand the product and know what we’re doing and why.

Adam WojciechowskiCOO & Co-Founder, Smart Devis AG

Active and open communication, critical and constructive thinking skills, flexibility in mind and approaches as well as motivation and eagerness were all combined within a small effective team. It was a great and exciting experience to work with Toploox Research.

Andreas SteingötterManaging Director, EXCITE Zurich

Tooploox’s work ethic was excellent. Also, they collaborated so well with us that it always felt like we were on the same team. Their feedback and suggestions were incredibly valuable.

Benjy KestCo-Founder & Co-CEO, Ripple Interactive, Inc.
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